How to Get Music Licensed for Film and TV

How to Get Music Licensed for Film and TV

One thing that most artists want to know is how to get music licensed for film and TV

This is a reasonable line of enquiry but unfortunately there is not a simple answer to it. Actually, it’s not so much that the answer is not simple but more so that thee is no way to guarantee that your songs will make it to TV or adverts but there are things you can do increase your chances.

Production Quality

For some reason, there seems to be a myth going around that TV will accept demo quality recordings. While it may be true that demo quality music can make it through on the rare occasion, it’s not a smart way to approach the music licensing game. Your tracks should be radio ready. This means that you do need to get your tracks mixed and mastered.

If you know what you’re doing then you might be able to do this yourself but if the end product is not ready for release then you will need to invest in an engineer to get your music to that level ready for submission.


You meet a publisher that is very successful. They consistently get music licensed for film and TV and most of their placements happen to be acoustic country music. Somehow you think that it’s a good idea to send them your catalogue of heavy metal music…… bad idea. This is the easiest way to ensure that you never again get the attention of a music publisher.

Do your research. Make sure that the music you are sending is relevant to what that particular publisher/supervisor is looking for. If you don’t have anything relevant, it’s better to send nothing.

Know Your TV

You will need to watch a lot of TV to identify where opportunities are to get music licensed for film and TV. If you haven’t noticed it by now, start taking note of how music is used in films and adverts and how it is used to enhance scenes. Can you see where you music can work on TV? Is there a particular type of show that your music is more suited for? Knowing this can help you to discover the most appropriate publishers/supervisors to submit your music to.

Write New Music

If there’s nothing in your catalogue that you feel can work or you are not having any success with, then start writing new music. A good way to approach writing songs for TV and film is to watch shows and allow them to inspire you to write. Chances are, a lot of the songs you have already written were inspired by films without you even knowing. You might be pleasantly surprised by what new songs you come up with.

Keep Going

It will be important that you see your success as more than just the number of times you are able to get music licensed for film and TV. It could take a while before you land your first deal and even longer between that and your second deal but it’s important that you keep going with pursuing your career in music. Performing live, getting reviewed on blogs, getting featured on playlists, all of these are things that can help you get the attention of the right people.

We are always on the look out for great new music so please feel free to submit your music for consideration today.

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