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How to Improve Your Music Submissions

Whether you are trying to get the attention of a publisher, a record label or even a manager, there are some simple steps to follow to help with your music submissions

You always want to make a good impression when presenting your music submissions to any individual or company for consideration, so here are a few things to consider that might help your chances of getting heard.

1) Be Easy To Contact

You would think that this would be obvious but it still happens that people forget to include appropriate contact info, particularly when making physical music submissions. Some companies get hundreds of submissions a week, so if yours happens to be one without contact info, it will get binned, even if they love the music. Even if you’re using email to make contact, be sure to sign your email with your name! Let people know who you are so that when you get a response it can be addressed to you personally.

2) Presentation Matters

This might seem counter-intuitive but if you’re mailing physical CDs please make sure they are not shrink wrapped or sealed in any frustrating way. At the end of the day you are dealing with emotional creatures and if they’ve had a hard time getting to your CD to hear your music, it will probably affect the impression they have of it. With regards to emailing your music submissions, try and email a direct link to the page where your music can be heard as opposed to emailing a link to your home page and making the recipient have to spend time trying to find your music.

3) Don’t Be Afraid to Follow Up

Definitely follow up on your submissions. It’s imperative that you follow up on the places you’ve submitted your music to. Some companies simply won’t respond because they are too busy. Even we are guilty of this sometimes. For us, following up acts as a sort of filtering process to determine who is really motivated and who isn’t. Of course you want to make sure you follow up, but don’t pester or harass. A good rule of thumb as to when to follow up on music submissions is to wait two or three weeks and then make contact.

Just one more thing for you to consider, make sure you’re music is awesome!

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