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“New Music Fridays” go Live for Albums and Singles

As of Friday 10th July, new music releases are being made available for fans to enjoy on the same day across the world, as the industry does the switchover to “New Music Fridays”.


Up until this point, there has been no correlation with the release of music around the world. Tracks and albums have been released on different days of the week in different countries – from Mondays in markets such as France and the UK, through Tuesdays in the US and Canada and to Fridays in markets such as Australia and Germany.

The change means that music lovers can now get new music on the same day worldwide rather than having to wait for their own national release day. It replaces the patchwork of national release days which meant fans were frustrated and unable to access music in their own country when it was legally available elsewhere. With the internet making the world community a smaller and more accessible space, this move was inevitable.

The switchover to “New Music Fridays” is being implemented by labels, retailers and artists internationally and will establish an aligned global release day in more than 45 countries.

Fans, industry professionals and anyone else looking for information on the switch to a Friday release day can visit Music Fridays which has all the details of the changes taking place.

Consumer research

Independent research suggests that music fans wanted latest releases to be available at the start of the weekend. Consumer research by TNS across seven markets shows Friday and Saturday as the preferred days for latest releases among consumers who expressed an opinion. More than two-thirds of those with a preference (68%) chose Friday or Saturday.

Charts move into line

The move to New Music Fridays will also lead to many countries making changes to their charts as well. Public music charts in most countries reflect a week’s sales, so changing the release day to Friday means changing the chart week as well. For example, in the UK the BBC will launch its first Friday chart show, having moved it from Sundays, and in France the TV station D17 will be moving its weekly featuring the latest charts from Tuesday to Friday.

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