Party In The Streets – 10 Facts about Notting Hill Carnival

Party In The Streets – 10 Facts about Notting Hill Carnival

It’s that time of year again, well actually, it’s always that time of year somewhere on this beautiful planet we live on.

The time of year I mean is the party season; summertime. Time to party in the streets like there’s no tomorrow. The perfect time for street parties, barbecues and carnivals. Nothing beats a good street party when the sun is in full view with no clouds around. Music, food, drinks and positive energy are the main ingredients needed for a good time.

Carnivals the world over tend to capture this spirit beautifully,bringing people together for the sole purpose of letting go and having a joyous time with fellow revellers…..a real party in the streets. I believe most countries in the world have their own version of carnival but here are 10 interesting ‘facts’ about one of the more popular carnivals in the world, Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Police Whine1) A carnival costume comprising of a bra and knickers tend to cost
anything from £150.00- £600.00

2) Ladies tend to love to use carnival as an opportunity to wear minimal
clothes to attract more guys

3) A guy can get around 10 numbers in one day at Notting Hill Carnival. The
most I’ve ever heard was 23!

4) Approximately 40% of relationships do not survive Noting Hill Carnival for men that are regular carnival goers.

5) Many women tend to find about ‘the other woman’ around Carnival time, some leading to full confrontation at carnival.

6) 50% of women visiting carnival will get their bums slapped, touched or pinched from a random stranger.

7) Hence why over 100 000 faces are slapped during the carnival celebrations

8) The alcohol intake around Carnival is normally around 10 times more than the daily recommended limit. Of course after too much alcohol, a party in the streets can soon turn sour.

9) More than half of this is alcohol is left on Notting Hill streets in the form of sick- the waste disposal employees get paid 5 times normal wage to compensate for that level of nastiness.

10) Carnival is the only time girls can get away with whining on a police in public and the only time a police will share a smile at a black man.

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Let’s Party in the Streets man

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