Music Industry Can See an End to the Music Industry

“Music will always be music. Whether or not there is a music industry is questionable.” isn’t sure whether music can continue on as an “industry”, despite being in the business since finding fame with Black Eyed Peas in 1995.

Speaking to an audience during a Cannes Lions event, the musician said: “Music will always be music. Whether or not there is an industry is questionable.

“I don’t really know how we make money moving forward because of the tsunami called mad tech – there was mad men and now there’s mad tech, it transforms everything.”

Heated debates have been abundant recently about how stars and artists are supposed to benefit from online streaming services. The most of these being between Taylor Swift and Apple Music where it seems Taylor was able to sway the music industry giant’s decision in favour of musicians.

Swift slammed the new service for offering a free trial period to users where the artist would not then be paid, and her argument was heard by the Apple Music who eventually changed their mind and agreed to pay all artists and musicians during the trial period. is in total agreement with that perspective, saying: “It toppled the music industry to the point of, how do we make money?

“People still listen to music more than they ever have before, but we have no hardware of our own.”

Amidst all these concerns and fears, he remains passionate about making music and is excited about discovering fresh, new and emerging artists.

In a statement about the talent discovery show that he is a panel member of, The Voice UK, he had this to say;

“What should really happen is The Voice should be me, Pharrell Williams, Madonna and [singer-songwriters and producers] Ester Dean and Dr. Luke. That would be a sick show because Madonna has a label, I have a label – we’d all be fighting over who’s going to sign to which label”

Where do you stand on the direction technology is taking the music industry in? Are you happy to go along off the ride or are you ready to get off this train?

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